“Lets celebrate or saree together in various initiatives by Devditi."

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A platform to rediscover ‘The Indian Woman’

Devditi is a platform to rediscover ‘The Indian Woman’ in each lady while celebrating our glorious culture through interactive and entertaining mediums. Our starting point is the Story of the 6 Yards, the tradition that seems to be dying in the fast moving modern lifestyle.  For the same, we had launched our facebook community  on the 27 April 2015 ‘IndiaSareeChallenge’ which has been receiving a tremendous response from women all over the country. The current community size of 3500+ women actively engaged through our online campaigns & is fast growing.


Vandana Gupta
Sapna Khandelwal


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Our facebook community of more than 3500 women, is growing at a very fast pace. We started as a 30 people group & in less than a period of 6 months we have grown to over 3500. We engage women in lots of online activities all with the aim of reviving the culture of saree wearing, a few are listed below:

And an ongoing Saree Marathon with many more challenges to come.

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